I am a strategist & designer creating meaningful change at the intersection of health, equity, and wellbeing.

Meaningful Change

I work with others to help create meaningful change through consultation in strategy and service design. I like to work at various levels from strategic planning, design research, futures thinking, physical prototyping, and service design. I am currenlty participating in the Interaction Design Program at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. If you are interested in seeing my work, please contact me.

Past and Current Partners

About Me

I began my studies in culinary school and finished with a Bachelors in Sociology and a Masters in Health Administration. I have worked on a variety of service design & strategic initiatives in healthcare organizations such as Cleveland Clinic. My efforts over the past few years were focused on creating healthcare services that are designed around people’s social interactions, relationships, and the broader community in which they reside.

Lately, my work has been focused on the intersection of happiness, equity, and health. I believe technology is changing the way we design services and products in this space. I am interested in working with others to create meaningful experiences for people and the planet. Let’s work together

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