Access to Surgical Care

How might we re-design access to surgical care for Cleveland Clinic patients?


This project started with an interest from the Department of General Surgery at Cleveland Clinic to understand the patient scheduling experience. Leadership wanted to re-design the scheduleing experience from the patient and provider’s perspetive. We assembled a diverse team to re-design access to surgical care for our patients.


We conducted four months of research for this project by interviewing 18 patients, 12 caregivers, and completing 10 hours of clinical observations. After initial research, we developed stakeholder maps, journey maps, and current state service blueprints. A clinical research team helped us complete the analysis and develop our initial insights and themes.

Two months was then spent on developing and experimenting with preliminary concepts to help design our final future state concepts and prototypes. Our future service - One Care, brings a human touch to finding consistent information, undertanding expectations, and having coordinated care when scheduling and contacting Cleveland Clinic.

Positive Change

The team is currently testing several concepts, and after being awarded a prestigious internal grant, is prototyping several other concepts that were put on hold due to Information Technology support needs. Preliminary results show substantial costs savings and an increase in patients’ quality of care.


Role: Lead service designer and project co-lead
Type of work: Service design
Date: June 2018 - May 2019
Organization: Cleveland Clinic
Collaborators: Neeley Worldwide

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