Care Preferences in Kenya

How might we improve the overall experience for patients at Imara Mediplus Hospital?


Historically, there is a tendency for Kenyan citizens to choose public hospitals over private hospitals despite higher quality of care. Imara Mediplus, a private hospital in Kenya, was interested in providing care to citizens covered under public insurance. We were brought in to help them understand why public patients were choosing medical care facilities. We worked with Imara leadership to research patient and provider perspectives on the topic, and develop new services to improve patient experience.


Together we completed two months of research for this project, interviewing 12 patients, 6 caregivers, and completing several observations. We created patient personas to help the organization understand how certain types of community members make decisions. This resulted in concrete opportunity areas that Imara could solve around.

Positive Change

We spent two months developing and experimenting with preliminary ideas and concepts. Our recommendations included four major concepts (community and patient facing) to create a better overall experience for publicly insured patients at Imara. The team is currently  implimenting two concepts over the next several months.


Role: Lead service designer
Type of work: Service design
Date: September - December 2019
Organization: Avenir
Collaborators: Imara Mediplus Hospital

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